About Us

The Oxton Liqueur Company, located in Nottinghamshire, like so many great ideas, was born around the kitchen table.  A group of our friends would get together each year to taste their latest homemade fruit liqueurs.  Christopher’s offerings shone.  We then went to a local Christmas fair and were overwhelmed by the response we received.  It became clear that this was not just a part-time hobby but an unexpected fork in the road taking us in a new and exciting  direction.

Since then, The Oxton Liqueur Company has quickly gained a reputation for making exceptionally fruity and smooth liqueurs.  Wherever possible the fruit is locally grown or gathered from overflowing orchards and hedgerows.  Christopher then works his magic and some months later, after a couple of 'family tastings' the liqueurs are ready for bottling.  

From the start we have been bowled over by the enthusiasm and support of family, friends and most of all our lovely customers who have our ongoing gratitude and thanks.  


Christopher and Emily Eadie


Emily, Rufus and Christopher